Types of Slimes

Slime Princess offers many types of slimes, including butter, clear, floam, thick & glossy, crunchy, etc. Shop all slime or view the different textures below!

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Thick & Glossy Slime

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Thick & Glossy slimes are Slime Princess's absolute favourite type of slime! These slimes are made to perfection, they are super thick and make amazing bubble pops and clicks!

Butter Slime

Butter slime doesn't actually have butter in it. But it has a cool buttery-like texture instead which is where it got its name from, because it's so soft and spreadable just like butter!

It is more mouldable than most slimes.

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Fluffy Slime

Fluffy Slime feels like squishing a super 'fluffy' marshmallow.

You won't be able to stop touching this soft, smooth, inflating slime! 

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Floam Slime

Floam Beads gives slimes a super awesome texture, these slimes are super playable slimes, and quite a bit of floam slimes are also crunchy slimes

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Fishbowl Slime

Fishbowl Slimes are so cool, and can also be crunchy slimes if lots of beads are added!

These slimes come in many varieties.

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Clear Slime

From crystal clear, vibrant clear colour slimes, to clear fishbowl slimes, these slimes are cool and gorgeous!

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Crunchy Slime

Crunchy slimes are PERFECT for ASMR lovers, your ears will go 🥳😍

Slime Princess Crunchy Slimes come in a range of colours, beads, and feels, scents, and of course crunches!

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Shop Snow Fizz Slime

Snow Fizz slimes are sizzly and crunchy due to the addition of fake snow. These slimes have a unique but super fun texture that you'll enjoy for hours!

Snow Fizz Slime