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  • What is a Slime?
    According to Urban Dictionary Slime is "A DIY toy that teenagers make with glue and borax solution. It's all over Instagram for the ASMR community. They enjoy the streching, aesthetics, "thwoking" sounds, crunch, and bubble popping. There are many textures including: basic, clear, fluffy, clay, butter, and crunchy. Source: Urban Dictionary
  • Where can I buy your Slimes?
    You can buy slimes right here! Just click the "Shop" button and view the many slimes we have available. You can visit me at one of my Stalls/Markets Check out where Slime Princess will be next on Instagram, Facebook, and the 'Events' page
  • My Slime is stiff and/or hard, what do I do?"
    Slimes can become stiff and/or hard, due to cold temperatures or overactivation. However, don’t worry! This can be easily fixed by leaving the slime outside in it's air-tight container in the sun for a while, playing with the slime can help too!
  • My Slime is sticky, what can I do to make it less sticky?"
    You can stop your slimey being sticky through the use of activator. Simply add a drop/spray or two in, at a time, and mix. Repeat this until it is your desired texture. You can purchase Slime Princess Activator, which is pre-made activator solution in a 150mL spray bottle.
  • Can I return my order?
    All sales are final. Products are not eligible for returns or exchange, regardless if the product has not been opened or used, due to health and sanitary reasons.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes you can. Simply contact us with your order number and a statement that you want to cancel your order.
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