Frequently asked questions

What is a Slime?

According to Urban Dictionary Slime is "A DIY toy that teenagers make with glue and borax solution. It's all over Instagram for the ASMR community. They enjoy the streching, aesthetics, "thwoking" sounds, crunch, and bubble popping. There are many textures including: basic, clear, fluffy, clay, butter, and crunchy. Source: Urban Dictionary

Do you ship outside New Zealand?

At this stage I don't but I am looking forward to doing in the near future.

You have 'problems' with the slimes I bought from you, what can you do to help?

It really depends on what your your problem is but here are a few ways you can solve them. My slime is Sticky what do I do? Slimes react to the weather. If it is too hot, they get sticky; too cold, they get hard. If your slime is sticky you can add one or two drops of activator mix it in and your slime will be okay. Or, you can put the slime in the fridge for a minute or too. Don't wait too long, as it would be hard. If it becomes hard, leave it outside to get warm. Take care of your slime by washing your hands clean before you play them and putting them back in the container for storage. My slime got stuck on my cothes/furniture how do I get it off? If his happens you can pour some hot/warm water of the place where it got stuck and rub it off and it should solve the problem. Normally, they don't stain.

Where can I buy your slimes?

There are several ways you can buy slime from me. - You can buy slimes right here! Just click the "Slime Shop" button and veiw the many slimes I have available. - You can Vist me at one of my stalls Skycity Markets every Sunday from 10am-2pm Henderson Night Market every Thursday from 5-9pm. If there are changes in the venue or times, please see my IG and/or FB posts.


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