Frequently asked questions

What is a Slime?

According to Urban Dictionary Slime is "A DIY toy that teenagers make with glue and borax solution. It's all over Instagram for the ASMR community. They enjoy the streching, aesthetics, "thwoking" sounds, crunch, and bubble popping. There are many textures including: basic, clear, fluffy, clay, butter, and crunchy. Source: Urban Dictionary

Where can I buy your Slimes?

You can buy slimes right here! Just click the "Shop" button and view the many slimes we have available. You can visit me at one of my Stalls/Markets Check out where Slime Princess will be next on Instagram, Facebook, and the 'Events' page

Does Slime Princess post orders outside of New Zealand?

Slime Princess does post orders outside of New Zealand, but only to Australia, as of this moment.

My Slime is hard and/or too stiff, what do I do?

My Slime is sticky, what can I do to make it less sticky?