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My Slime Princess Story


My name is Katharina Weischede, also known as the Slime Princess. I started Slime Princess when I was 11-years-old in 2017, and am now a 17-year-old princess who is just as passionate about slimes and putting smiles on peoples faces, than ever!

My slimey journey started long before becoming a Slime Princess, during my school science fair.


In primary, my group and I were looking for a project to do so we decided to do a Crystal Garden, but sadly it didn't work as we didn't have enough time... So a member of my group suggested to do an 'Obleck' experiment instead.


Obleck is a mixture that acts like a solid when lots of force is put unto it, and acts like a liquid when you don't add a lot of force. It's a non-Newtonian fluid, just like slime!


While I was doing my research on Obleck, I found out about Slime!- It was all over the internet and everyone one was going crazy about it.

I became very interested in it too and decided to whip up a batch. I dragged my parents to several stores looking for the slime ingredients. They actually did not know that I was making slime, and I'm pretty sure they thought it was for my science project.


I made my first batch and I felt fantastic! From then on, my love for slime blossomed.

Although, it was not at all good. I was on the hunt for the perfect recipe. I frantically searched through the internet and tried heaps of recipes but none of them worked for me, so I decided to make my own! 

I finally perfected my recipe. I brought my slime to school and my classmates began asking me what I was playing with. I started to sell my product, and from one buyer, the rest followed.  My product became super popular!

I told my parents, I needed more ingredients. This time, they asked me why. As my science fair was over so I told them and showed them the moneys I had earned. Being as supportive as they are, they allowed me to continue to experiment. 

I was soon gently told by my principal that I was not allowed to sell at school and during school times... So I decided to sell outside of school, knowing that I liked it and other students at my school liked it, I thought "why would other children like it!?"

Then in November 2017, I gave my parents a list of everything I wanted and needed to start my 'business' including my business plan and goals. They became my 'slimey investors!'

I am so glad they believed in me and continue to do so. I know they did that because they want me to learn and experience how it is owning a business.

During the start-up of Slime Princess I created my logo, my social media accounts (instagram, facebook, etc.), and got in touch producers for creating stickers and merch, as well as market managers to find multiple markets I could attend to sell my products.


After a couple of weeks Slime Princess gained much media attention, from tv interviews and appearances to being the front page of the NZ Herald (New Zealand's national newspaper.) My business was booming! I had the chance to work with MOTAT for the first ever 'Slime Day' and 'Slime Weekend' events in New Zealand.

In mid-late 2018 I applied to trademark Slime Princess as I got scared that people would copy my brand, but then I received a letter saying that my trademark was being disputed as a huge corporation giant would not let me trademark 'Slime Princess' because the 'owned' the word 'Slime.'

My parents asked me if I really wanted Slime Princess, and I was determined to have it.

 I wanted to fight for my trademark, so i got into a trademark battle with Via Com owned company - Nickelodeon.

In early 2019 I was able to go to America to sell at a Slime Convention in Ontario, Texas named 'Slime Con' and met so many amazing and famous American slimers!

At the time I was also campaigning and getting signatures for my trademark petition. It made me feel so happy and blessed to know I had so much support from so many people and slimers from around the world. Then in mid 2019 I was approved for my trademark!

Now, I make cute, creative, and super delicious slimes in my slime cave, and sell my products at markets and on this website (

I am grateful of the many opportunities that came from my passion and belief that even as young as I am, I can make a difference. I didn't just want to sell slime for the sake of selling them. I want to see the joy in each one's face buying my slimes and the happiness I feel inside me interacting with the other kids, and their families, 

I don't want this slime trend to end with the trends, but I want this to be a start of an even more happy journey to all of us... perhaps, as a means to build a community of love and support.


Thank you for all your support and for visiting my website, as always have a wonderful slimey day!


Slime Princess

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