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Terms & Conditions

All purchases are final.


The slimes contain some of the following ingredients depending on the type: borax, soap, glue, foams, glitters, beads, lotion, food colour, scents, etc., if you are sensitive to any of these, please take the precaution. Please do not eat the slimes too. It is not edible. Ensure that you wash your hands properly after playing, specially if you wish to eat after. Avoid scratching your eyes too, if you are sensitive  to any of the ingredients. 


Slimes are recommended to be played by 3 years and above. 


Slime Princess will not be liable for any untoward incident  arising from the use of the slimes, and other items being sold in this website, or in person.


I highly recommend that you enjoy the slimes by taking good care of yourself and the slime while playing with it.



Your privacy and safety is important to me. Your details will not be shared with any unauthorised  third party.


By using the online facility of this website, you agree that they will use your details to verify payment.


By agreeing to have your photo taken when you buy or when you tag Slime Princess, you agree that I can use your image to our marketing and promotions such as but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, this website. 



If you are thinking of buying in bulk  (wholesale), please message  me through the contact section.



- Cash /Eftpos on site 

- Credit / Debit Cards 

- Direct credit through bank transfer

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