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What do you do at a Slime Princess Party?

Slime Princess will demonstrate with the help of the party attendees how to make a basic slime, and a touch and feel of many different slimes such as Butter, Clear, Foam, Snowfizz, etc. The attendees would then decorate their slimes with several colours, scents and beads provided by Slime Princess. Gloves are also provided. After the slime-making there will be a group picture with the Slime Princess. If the party is a Birthday Party, the celebrant will be sung with its attendees and Slime Princess 'Happy Slimey Birthday' and is given a birthday gift!


She is great with kids! Meaning, all you need to do is sit down and watch the party attendees, playing, creating, exploring, and learning!


$49.99 per person, with a minimum of 10 attendees, plus travel fees. This includes 1 large tub of white fluffy slime, 1 small tub of white base slime, 1 White Slime Princess activator, and a Slime Princess Badge for each attendee which they would take home! This includes everything needed to have the best Slime Princess Party!

Hosting: If you would like the Slime Princess to stay for an extra 1 hour to play games and/or story telling with attendees for $150. This includes prizes.

DIY Slime Princess Party: If you would like to create your own/DIY your own Slime Princess Party, you can purchase a pack online for $29.99 per person with a special interactive video and more!

Not only is a Slime Princess Party a very fun experience, it is also educational!

With the attendees learning about what a slime is, how slime is made, what makes a slime a slime, the science behind slime - chemical reactions between ingredients and more!

Imagine how much fun your child would be, having the Slime Princess at his or her party! It would be a treat for their friends too! As they would be having a wonderful slimey time learning about, playing with and creating their slimes with the Slime Princess. 

The attendees would learn about the Slime Princess and her story, the Slime Princess would learn things about them too, like what their name is, their favourite colour, slime, as well as some other things if so.

After introductions, the Slime Princess will demonstrate how to make a Basic Slime, with the help of the party attendees, and have a touch and feel of many different slimes such as Butter, Clear, Foam, Snowfizz, and many more!

Whilst doing so, the attendees would have an educational experience with the Slime Princess by learning about what a slime is, how 


The second thing that will be done at a birthday party is the Customise your Slime Activity (which is the most fun part!)

Attendess will be given one white large fluffy slime each to decorate. There would be different beads, glitters, colours and sometimes scents that they can use to make their own special Slime!

Slime Making + Decorating can go messy, so it is a good idea to have an apron for each attendee - although we try to keep it as clean as possible.

Gloves + Wipes will be brought by the Slime Priness (as well as the Slime Princess Crew)

After the Slime Making there can be a picture with everyone and as a group; Slime Princess will teach the guests her Slimey twist on Happy birthday which will be sung to the Birthday Celebrant, if the party is going to be a Birthday Party. (Please specify what your party type is going to be if you are interested in the Slimey Party; so that we know wether to do the song and the type of gift, as well as how many celebrants.)

The gift is then given to the celebrant(s) and they will have to see what is inside! yay!

$35 per child -which includes slime kit for each child large fluffy slime (the one they’ll
decorate), ready-made activator, lollies in a goodie bag,
Minimum of 10 kids
Duration is 1 - 1 and 1/2 hours
Yes I will bring:
Slime Princess décor, backdrop, pull up banners and table (for demonstration), Beads, Foam Beads, Colours (for Slime), Spatula, Gloves, Wipes, Glue, Activator, Paper Bags and a few more things if needed.

Additional Options:
Hosting - $100 if you would like to have me to host and do 2-3 games or story-telling. Prizes
for the games included. I can stay for longer - extra (1) hour.
Add: $10 each for Slime Princess tee

Slime Princess Sleep-over option: Slime Princess tents, pillows, fluffy blankets, bed, foldable
tables at an additional $30 each. (can only accommodate 10 at this stage).
Payment process:
Deposit via internet banking on confirmation - two weeks in advance prior to the event.

You can also pay on the day with cash, but no other methods.



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